Wheel Chair Driver (Ambulette)

Are staffed with CPR and First-Aid certified employees. These units are ideal for patients that can safely be transported by wheel chairs to Doctor Appointments and Dialysis.

Basic Life Support (BLS)

Ambulances are staffed with a minimum of two (2) EMT-Basics. These units are ideal for Doctor Appointments, Hospital discharges, and transport to and from Dialysis for patients requiring a stretcher.

Advanced Life Support (ALS)

Ambulances are equipped for your critical care needs. Staffed with a minimum of an EMT and a Paramedic, these units are capable of managing anything from critical airways to advanced cardiac care. Our Paramedics are also certified with a minimum of ACLS and PALS or PEPP. Whether it is an emergency, time critical transport, or a hospital-to-hospital transport, our ALS ambulances are ready for the call.

All ALS vehicles are equipped with advanced airway devices, a complex ventilator capable of all vent modes and CPAP, IV pumps, a critical care transport monitor/defibrillator, advanced pharmacologic agents including drugs for advanced vasopressors, sedatives, and many others, and GPS for the driver! Having all the equipment is one thing, but Patriot EMS employees are trained to the highest levels and able to care for the most critical patients. With mandatory pre-employment experience, a new hire training program, and ongoing training requirements (in-services, monthly CEUs, etc) our staff stays up-to-date with the most recent critical care practices and medical procedures.